Ayin Nathaniel Toppin was diagnosed in utero at approximately six months into my pregnancy.  Dr. Videlefsky his cardiologist and the OB GYN determined that he had two congenital defects CDH (a left sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia) and CHD ( congenital heart defect specifically dealing with the double right outlet ventricle with aspects of Tetralogy of Fallot).

So the Adventures with Ayin Began…. and yes that same day I found out he was a Boy.  Ayin was born, 08/08/07 in Cincinnati Ohio and was immediately whisked off to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Ayin was stabilized and after three weeks had his CDH sucessfully repaired by Dr. Lim and his team. After a two and a half month stay Ayin was discharged to come home.  At six months he was scheduled to have his heart repaired but due the nature of his anatomy a Fontan procedure was done to help alleviate the pulmonary pressures.  At eleven months Ayin had a 3/4 repair of his cardiac defect by Dr. Kanter.

Ayin is now five and has continued to provide many adventures not only for his immediate family, but his extended family.  Our second home is Egleston Children’s Hospital, of which we don’t visit as frequently anymore.  Ayin is an ancient wise soul, with a sense a humor,  accompanied by robust appetite for fine dining. Though we have had a our fare share of worry each experience has made him into the being who continues to teach me and all those around him invaluable life lesson.