From the time that he was conceived, Cameron has been fighting for his life. We were told very early in the pregnancy that Cameron was too small to be viable and that his survival was unlikely. I had struggled to conceive for 9 years, so I was devastated that one of my twins might not make it. After several complications and health concerns with Cameron, I delivered my twins 7 weeks early. James was a healthy 5lb 4oz, but little Cameron was only 2lb 9oz. He was born with a large hole in his heart and was unable to eat without a feeding tube – but he was here, he had beaten the odds. Cameron needed heart surgery soon after his first birthday, but he recovered well and was a happy little boy, who kept up with his twin and he seemed to finally be healthy. In September 2011, just before his second birthday, Cameron started running a fever. Our pediatrician diagnosed a throat infection and about a week later an ear infection. The antibiotics that had been prescribed didn’t seem to be working and after 3 weeks of continuous fevers, we took Cameron to the Emergency Room at Scottish Rite. All of Cameron’s blood tests looked normal and doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing his fevers. After about a week in hospital and what seemed like hundreds of tests, we were finally given the devastating news that changed our lives forever – Cameron had stage four Neuroblastoma Cancer. His cancer had spread throughout his little body. He had a significant amount of bone damage and his bone marrow was over 90% infected. The months that followed his diagnosed went by in a blur of chemotherapy and trips to the Emergency Room. Almost a year later, Cameron has had 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 stem cell transplants, 12 rounds of radiation and is currently undergoing antibody therapy. Our journey is far from over, but he continues to fight and beat the odds. He is an inspiration to us.