Ella is an energetic 4 year old living in Alpharetta, Georgia along with her parents, Sheli and Robert and her older brother Cole, who is 5 years old. Ella was recently diagnosed with Adrenal Carcinoma Stage 3 in June 2010. She has undergone surgery to remove the tumor and her left adrenal gland. She is now undergoing Chemotherapy at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egelston. Her journey includes chemotherapy for 6 months. She stays in the hospital for treatment every 3rd week and has frequent checkups each week to check her white blood counts. Each treatment she has returned back to the hospital due to a fever except for this last round! We are praying she will stay fever free and out of Hospital Camp (as she call it) until the next chemotherapy treatment which begins on September 20th. Ella has such a sweet and loving personality. She has continued to amaze us with her Strong and Courageous spirit!!

Ella’s wish is to visit Disneyworld with her family.

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