After working for a month to find out what was wrong with Kylie’s left leg. Kylie was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma on April 9th, 2014. After we cried and prayed together, she said, “God must have a great, big plan for me.”

We wish God’s plan included earthly healing, but sadly, it did not. Kylie beat cancer for good on Feb 13th, 2015. We will miss her every day. Before she passed, she gave her family a charge to kill childhood cancer so no other child would have to endure what she went through. We gladly take up the fight.

Kylie’s radiance was easy to see all of her life. She showed it constantly with her warm and beautiful smile. She loved being on stage and had an enormous presence that belied her small frame. It is easy to see why she was always called “Smiley Kylie”.

During her treatment, smiles were hard to come by, so we developed her own website called that we hoped would lift her spirits during the tough days. It was our way of smiling for her when she couldn’t. She was also active on Instagram and Twitter – @SmileyForKylie. If you want to show your support for Kylie and her family’s mission, take a selfie and put here. Or you can put it on Twitter or Instagram and hashtag #SmileyforKylie so we can find it.