Trey was originally diagnosed with Melanoma (Stage 3) as a freshman in high school, April 2007. He went through a couple surgeries with a year of treatment and relapsed to Stage 4 Melanoma, summer of 2010, right before he was starting his Senior year playing football at West Forsyth HS.  Since then, Trey received treatment in Germany for 5 months, but after brain metastasis occurred in February 2010, his parents started to seek medical care at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. beginning with Brain surgery, then Gamma Knife Radiation 3 times now and over the last 8 months, has been through a series of various other rigorous treatments trying to get in front of his cancer spreading any further. After 15 months, he has finally seen some progress with his tumors starting to shrink from the most recent trial received at MD Anderson.

Trey is an incredible 20 year old now and to many, a great inspiration with the courage, strength and positive attitude he has shown through living life as normal as he can through this tough journey he is on. His story has been on Nancy Grace, AJC articles several times and other articles while he played High School football every chance he got between treatment during his senior year in high school as well as testimonies he’s given, etc….if you couldn’t see or didn’t know what he’s going through, you would never know….he lives life to the fullest.