Tyler is a 19 year old boy who had knee pain for the last couple of years. We thought it was from an old football injury. The pain would come and go then got worse. We went and visited 2 different orthopedic doctors who Xrayed his did MRIs of his back and knee. They felt he just needed physicallly therapy to build up his thigh muscles. He did physical therapy, we went to a chiropractor after little relief I finally went and got a 3rd opinion. I will say that I prayed this doctor would find out what was wrong with his knee. Well I got my prayers answered. We found out in about 5 minutes it was tumor on left femur. That was with Dr. Eric McLeod in Rome Georgia. All he kept saying is that it was bad. Dr. McCleod did have a colleague that was a orthopedic oncologist at Emory named Dr. Oskouei. We saw him within 3 days and had the official diagnosis of Ewings Sarcoma. We had total body scans, etc and the cancer is in his left Femur and 4 or small spots (the size of pencil erasers) on his lungs. We have started an aggressive treatment with Egleston that is a National protocol for Ewings. It will be chemo, surgery, and radiation for about a year.

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