Strawberry Stroll 2013 Raises $12k!

Runners of all ages showed their support Saturday (May 25) at the 2013 Strawberry Stroll, a 5K run and festival in Norcross’ Thrasher Park.

Hosted by RockTenn, the third annual event benefits Kingdom Kids, a non-profit organization founded in Norcross that is similar to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Kingdom Kids aims to assist families who have children suffering from anything such as cancer to abuse.

“We do a lot of Disney trips and room makeovers,” said Lauren Hutchinson, who’s on the Kingdom Kids team and is also the wife of founder Justin Hutchinson. “On the smaller basis, we do a lot of iPads because it helps them stay engaged and there’s a lot occupational therapy that can be done off of an iPad, and it helps them communicate.”

This year, the Strawberry Stroll probably raised around $8,000, which can usually fulfill bigger wishes for two children.

Around 200 people attended the event this year, and there were about 140 runners. All the runners were given a free cup of strawberries when they finished the race, courtesy of the Dahlonega Vegetable Farm.

“A lot of familiar faces are here, people who have run in the past two years,” said RockTenn’s Kris Rodgers, who spearheaded the event with co-worker Heather Richmond. “It’s good that people recognize this as a good event.”

The festival also had a vendor fair and the Phil Griffin Band perform. Check out the photos above for a closer look at the Strawberry Stroll.

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