A few years ago I met Co-Founders Kevin Ford and Justin Hutchinson and immediately could see the passion they had for helping children and their families in our local community.  After just a short time getting to know them, I became an integral part of their annual 1818 Club Poker Tournament held at the Gwinnett Chamber. I’m a big advocate of this event and a big advocate of Kingdom Kids in general because I truly believe this organization is in operation with all of their hearts – no salaries are paid and 100% of the donations received go towards the cause and the children. This is one of the many things that makes this organization so unique.  I have been inspired to remain an active part of supporting Kingdom Kids and look forward to making more wishes come true in partnership with The Ford and Hutchinson families.

Two years ago Kingdom Kids ask me to speak at one of their Gwinnett Fundraising events about our 5 year old grandson Jackson’s very rare metabolic disease called Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder.  Peroxisomal Disorder adversely affects all vital organs creating blindness, hearing loss and slow message transmissions to the brain.  At the time I knew very little about Kingdom Kids, its mission and the services they provide. Speaking at their event afforded me a special opportunity to participate in this very unique organization! The dynamic and caring Ford and Hutchinson families provide the exemplary leadership which exemplifies their mission statement, “It’s always the right time to do the right thing.” Their tireless energy and commitment has been such an inspiration to the community, while bringing much joy to so many children and their families! Kingdom Kids via their kindness extended Jackson his wish for a exciting trip to Disney World this past February. Because of the generosity of Kingdom Kids this trip provided a surreal experience for our precious Jackson and his family!!

There are no words that can truly encompass the experience provided through Kingdom Kids.  Ayin continues to talk about his Disneyland visit.  He conquered fears, ate great food (he is a foodie) and loved playing in the sand.  The reception at the Embassy Suites was absolutely superb…and ever so relaxing. Kindgom Kids offered us an oasis that not only gave me, as the parent a break, but thoroughly thought of everything from beginning to end for Ayin that provided a lifetime of memories. Thank you is not enough, and simply put Ayin and I want to do all that we can to help them continue to provide an oasis for children and families that have to deal with major life challenges. Continued blessings to Kevin and Jodi Ford, Justin and Lauren Hutchinson and the entire Kingdom Kids team for their tireless dedication and for blessing so many families.  They truly represent the motto of the organization “It is always the right time to do the right thing.